Friday, September 11, 2009

Greatest Threats For Your Diet

What is the biggest threat to your diet? Dinner or party invitation! A strict diet that has lived hard, could collapse in an instant. Here are some tips to keep your diet:

* Eat before attending the dinner invitation. This will help put the brakes on your appetite in the party.
* Eat more soup. Select soup without the cream is usually pretty low in calories and make full.
* Try to eat low-calorie menu first before eating the other menus. Start with salads, vegetables, and soup broth, and then the meat in the last sequence. By the time the turn came to meat, the stomach is full enough for high-calorie menu.
* Do not use a plate dinner. Use a salad plate so your meal is not excessive.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tips To Reduce Dark Circles Under The Eyes

* Cook two cups of water until hot, but do not till it's boiedl.
* Put into soft cloth into the water until warm to the touch hands.
* Then attach the cloth to the eyes for 15 minutes
* After 15 minutes move, lightly pat the eyelid skin that has dried, then apply eye cream.

Another alternative to soothe eye: thin slices of potato and place in the eye for several minutes. Potatoes contain an enzyme and the skin pigment that can enlighten and also reduce the dark circles around the eyes.